Klump... Klump... Klump... Klump... Klumpies!

It’s the high-spirited chant of The Klumpies, that signals the coming of an exciting new animated show for pre-school children, a show that combines hilarious comedy with high adventure, appealing characters with colourful natural settings, in a series whose simple but intriguing storylines will hold the attention of even the youngest viewer.

In every 7 minute episode, The Klumpies brings together the state-of-the-art digital animation of movies like ‘Shrek’ and ‘Ice Age’ with the skills of traditionally trained animators, in a show that has a distinctively European look and flavour. It offers the kind of fun, warmth and universal values that make it ideal viewing for the whole family.

But who are The Klumpies, and where are they found?

The Klumpies are a tribe of little people – and when we say little we mean little: they’re about 8 centimetres tall. For hundreds of years, they’ve lived hidden from the rest of the world amongst the branches of the Pipple Tree, an enormous tree that towers over all others in the forest. To us, the Pipple Tree might look like a huge apple tree, and its fruits juicy red apples – but to The Klumpies it is their whole world, supporting dwellings, a Royal Palace, and numerous other buildings large and small.

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At the heart of the show is a group of four friends, The Klumpy Kids: Bertie and Sunny Blink, Chip Blunk and the somewhat snooty Ella Klump, only daughter of the Klumpy Royal Family. All live in the Pipple Tree with their respective parents, although Ella enjoys rather grander circumstances than the others in the Royal Palace, also home to King Klump and Queen Klumpetta, not to mention numerous guards, footmen and courtiers.

But despite their different backgrounds, The Klumpy Kids are firm friends, who enjoy all the activities open to young Klumpies: roaming the forest, swimming in the river, climbing up, down and around the Pipple Tree or enjoying picnics of Pipple turnover with home-made Pipple juice. Superactive and energetic, they’re up for anything that’s fun, as long as it doesn’t harm other Klumpies or jeopardise the forest environment.

Although a Klumpy school does exist, presided over by the lugubrious Miss Plank, we don’t often see our heroes there – their time is largely their own, and they roam far and wide, running free and getting up to the kind of adventures that, in an ideal world, all children could enjoy.

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